Yeah, well I'm the only one who won't be fooled!

—chapter, 30

Amaluna Luirasalle, or simply known as Luna, is the first Princess of the Ocean Kingdom, being the only daughter of the King and Queen and the younger sister of two princes. She is the childhood friend of Livius and though she originally claimed to be his fiancée, Livius objected and said that he had never consented to the matter.

She is currently engaged to Marquis Claude Fortis.

Appearance Edit

Luna is noted by Nike to be doll-like in appearance with long, blonde hair that she either wraps in two braided buns or ties into twin ponytails. Her eyes are a bright teal colour and she usually wears a confident expression.

She is predicted to be the most beautiful princess when she grows older.


Luna is rather stubborn, childish and prideful in nature, though she is quick to give respect where she finds it due. She is well-educated as a princess should be, in arts, dance, horse back riding, poetry and literature.  

She isn't above snubbing or shaming others for their bad traits or qualities, though she is also very loyal to those she cares about.  

Luna is constantly aware of her position as a Princess and would never do anything to bring her country to a disadvantage of tarnish its name.  

Relationships Edit

Claude Fortis

Claude Fortis was the approved fiance of Amaluna, a duke of the Autonomous State of Fortis and one of the five top politicians. He was called a daring ocean man due to his travel mainly on the ocean routes.

She used to despise Claude Fortis due to his age and the words she heard about Claude using her and making him look young which prompts her to deny their engagement and seek for Livius I and Nike's help. It even worsens when Livius I asked Sororu, one of Livius I's servants, if she knows anything about the Duke which she replies that there was an interesting rumor stating that the duke loves beautiful things and does not discriminate between both gender when it comes to beauty, referring him as a sex maniac. Luna made the plan to dress Nike up as a man known as Kanaris Micaine, the vice-captain of the Sun Kingdom's army. Despite claiming to be engaged with Kanaris, Marquis Fortis remains unshaken and calmly introduced himself.  

When they acted as a couple and failed to persuade the duke, Luna resorted to a plan where she will be alone with the duke to her "secret place" which was a deserted island far from Ariado Lake. When the plan failed due to a storm and ended up stuck at the island along with Livius I and Kanaris, who was suffocated and unconscious due to her chest being compressed, they had no choice but to survive on the island by themselves. Without knowing any expertise in the field of medicine, Duke Fortis volunteered to help Kanaris, stating that he knew that Kanaris was Princess Nike all along which he says that it was obvious due to the shape of "his" hips. Throughout this whole ordeal, they got along and Luna, along with the duke, saw herbs far from them on the cliff side. Luna, despite the duke telling her it wasn't her fault that the princess was injured, volunteered to climb and reach those herbs. The duke, amazed by her bravery, felt something deep for her. Luna was able to grab the herbs but stepped on a broken stone and slipped, almost falling. She panicked and the duke helped her distract herself from panicking by singing Luna's favorite song which made Luna think he was insane and that he sang it quite horribly yet it still saved her from the fear of falling. Realizing what Claude did for her and seeing his true character, on her way back, she developed feelings for him and started thinking that she wants to be honest about wanting Claude to know who she was and that she wanted to understand him as well. When she made it, they both hugged, and the duke praised her and said it was alright for her to cry on his chest to which Luna deadpans him, saying she wouldn't cry. She says she would leave first and that the duke should follow her later, but he knew that she lied and was hiding, crying from the fear. He felt hurt, knowing she still does not trust him of her vulnerable side to which he found that side of her cute.  

After being found on the island,Duke Fortis later revealed his real intentions about the truth why he asked for Luna's hand in marriage for him to infiltrate the Ocean Kingdom's cargo ships which contain a narcotic called, "Night of the Witch", thinking that it may be from the Ocean kingdom's royalty but was wrong. He found out that the source was from the Ocean kingdom's Cabinet Minister, Garariya. After restraining and capturing the culprit and finishing his goal, he abolishes his engagement with Luna, setting her free and plans to leave the Ocean Kingdom the next day.  

Luna, conflicted her current feelings for the duke, was met by the duke's loyal retainer, Liu, expressing how her marriage to the duke would build a strong connection which disgusts Luna. Although Liu also revealed that was she saw in Fortis was his "honest form." Luna consults Nike and Livius about her feelings for the duke and her doubts, but she wasn't aware that the duke was leaving earlier tonight. Livius blamed Luna for beating around the bush and suggest she go after him. Luna hurriedly chased him with a horse and with the help of Livius, his men tried to block the duke's way so he would not reach the harbor. 

Upon finding the duke, Fortis was shocked to see Luna who unexpectely jumped from her horse to engulf him in a hug, confessing her feelings and asked Fortis to be her fiance once again. Although it was mentioned that he, too, feels the same way, but was afraid that he will be replaced someday due to his "old age" and how she would have a line of men wanting her when she grows up. He was an adult and it would taint her pure white future. He doesn't want Luna to regret her decision of marrying him, but Luna hurriedly comforts him by saying, "If you reach out your hand to me, my pure white future will be yours. Whether you hurt me or whatever fares, you're free to do as you wish. If I can have you from here on, then I won't be afraid of anything that might happen." Due to her persistence, he willingly gave up and continues the engagement, asking her if she was certain since he gave her plenty of warnings already which he added with a smile, "Because by then, it'll be too late."