Bardwin's sister


Biological Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Sun Kingdom
Personal Information
Relatives Leonidas II (Father)
Leonidas II's third queen (Mother)
Bardwin (Younger Brother)
Leonidas III (Half-brother)
Rani Spiral (Half-brother)
Altaria (Half-nephew)
Livius (Half-nephew)

Bardwin's sister is the daughter of Leonidas II and his third queen. Unlike her full brother Bardwin, she values tradition and pride, despises her younger brother's behavior and scold him for humiliating Cecil family. She is currently divorced.


After Bardwin tried to leave after having an affair with a married woman, the princess appeared and make Bardwin surprised. Bardwin's sexual partner wondered if they are from different mothers. Bardwin explained that they are full siblings, and their looks and personality vary a lot.


Bardwin Edit

While she hate Bardwin's promiscuity and see him as a shame for the Cecils, Bardwin does pity her for her strained life attitute.