Bardwin Cecil Ifrikia or simply Bard - is Livius's uncle and the former Prime Minister of the Sun Kingdom until he fled mysteriously a few years before the start of the story. Apart from that, he is also flirty and likes to tease Livius, causing the two to have a shaky relationship and to disagree a lot. After they manage to re-establish their relationship as family thanks to Nike, Livius reappoints Bard as the Prime Minister again.

Appearance Edit

Bardwin is a handsome young man with long, loose blond hair and golden-brown eyes. He is also noted as being quite popular among women, not only for his handsome appearance, but being said to 'shine like the sun,' and has a captivating charisma as well.

Personality Edit

As the Prime Minister, he has all the attributes for filling the role impeccably; - talent, shrewdness, charm, good-looks and as Neil puts it, the "ability to wrap people around his finger without breaking a sweat."

He is also noted that although he is flamboyant and flirtatious, he never shows his true heart and is hard to read, even by Livius.

Albeit being known as a notoriously carefree and philanderous individual who has affairs with multiple women, he seemed to genuinely care for Livius's mother, Sheila and Livius himself as his nephew. Later on, he would also come to extend his soft spot to include Nike and will half-jokingly tell people not to corrupt her.

History Edit

Bardwin is the son of Leonidas II and his third queen. He is also Livius’s paternal-uncle. When Livius ascended the throne, he picked up the role as Prime Minster in the Sun Kingdom when Livius ascended the throne and shortly after, abandon the post because he hated the feeling of being weighed down. However, later in the series, the real reason Bardwin left the post was because the pain of Sheila's death returned after Livius and him had conquered the world.

Trivia Edit

  • Bardwin has several factions who supported and still support him should he choose to rise to a higher power, although he himself is quite content to support Livius's reign.
  • He has his own fan club