Iraha (イラハ Iraha) is the reigning Duchess of the Rain Dukedom and it's current Duchess Consort after their nation became an autonomous state of the Sun Kingdom.

She is the daughter and only child of the former reigning Duchess Tohara and the mother of the four royal princesses.

Appearance Edit

In her first appearance, Iraha is a very beautiful woman, though Livius I would add that she wasn't as beautiful as his own mother. However, she is remembered separately as being called the 'most beautiful woman on the west coast,' during her younger years.

Like her youngest daughter Nike Lemercier, Iraha has auburn hair and bright green eyes.

Due to her illness, she is of poor health and becomes exhausted easily even by talking for a while, showing by her face paling and a sweat drop.

Personality Edit

Iraha is a kind and understanding woman, though she also enjoys teasing people and 'having fun,' albeit it being something it is rarely allowed to do as her guards who must constantly care and look after her due to her extremely poor stamina, are quite protective and dislike her exerting herself merely for the sake of her own amusement.

She is also remarked upon to be the type of person who says whatever comes to mind.

History Edit

Iraha met Teteru at the age of twenty and decided to marry him immediately after falling in love with him, though her mother, the Duchess Tohara disapproved. However, Teteru would marry into Lemercier family eventually.

Her illness is revealed to be due to giving birth to Nike, an incredibly powerful rain summoner. She was also said to have had a painful birth with Nike and nearly lost her ability to summon rain herself.

Although she accepts Livius as her son-in-law, she is afraid that her daughter, Nike would be taken advantage by the Kingdoms due to her power, which can cause insurmountable damage and obliterate countries with a single song. However, Livius reassures her that he would protect Nike forever.