Kara Lemercier ( カラ・ルメルシエ ) is the third princess of the Rain Dukedom. Like her younger sister, Nike, Kara is not afraid to break the law if it means doing what she believes is right. Kara is a specialist in mental powers, rather than invoking rain, which is demonstrated in the manga.

She is currently staying in the Sun Kingdom to care for Nike after her abilities went wild and sent her into a comatose state.

Appearance Edit

Kara has the same green eyes and copper hair as her sisters, though unlike their long locks, Kara notably cuts hers short and also has multiple piercings in both ears.

She also dresses very casual and laid back, similarly to her own personality.


Kara is a very easy-going, independent and unhurried character, not one to make a big deal out of things though she can also be very observant and can get people on her side easily. However; her straightforward nature can make her blunt to the point of being rude.

She is also courageous and isn't afraid to act on what she believes to be right.