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Kara Lemercier ( カラ・ルメルシエ ) is the third princess of the Rain Dukedom. Like her younger sister, Nike, Kara is not afraid to break the law if it means doing what she believes is right. Kara is a specialist in mental powers, rather than invoking rain, which is demonstrated in the manga.


Kara has the same green eyes and copper hair as her sisters, though unlike their long locks, Kara notably cuts hers short and also has multiple piercings in both ears.

She also dresses very casual and laid back, similarly to her own personality.


Kara is a very easy-going, independent and unhurried character, not one to make a big deal out of things though she can also be very observant and can get people on her side easily. However; her straightforward nature can make her blunt to the point of being rude.

She is also courageous and isn't afraid to act on what she believes to be right.


Kara is the third of four princesses of the Rain Dukedom. As a child, she specialized in mental spells whereas her younger sister, Nike, became the most powerful rain summoner by singing.

When Livius requested that the Dukedom send one of his daughters to the Sun Kingdom as a prospective wife in exchange for autonomy, Kara and her sisters played Rock Paper Scissors and Nike lost, amusing Kara and her older sisters, who told exaggerated tales of the king to scare Nike.

Shortly after Nike’s departure, their grandmother fakes dying as a plot to get Nike to return home and break off the engagement. Kara and the rest of the royal family reluctantly agrees to follow along, as going against her grandmother (the real ruler of their country) is the equivalent of treason. Kara casually greets Livius and Neil when they arrive at the port and all the sisters initially believe Neil is the Sun King until Nike corrects them. Kara, Mira, and Nia find Livius to be cute and force him to play dress up and take pictures for fun, which exhausts him.

Livius quickly realizes the plot and nearly drowns to win the grandmother’s challenge and win her approval to marry Nike, who saves Livius. Kara and her sisters apologize for their involvement in the plot but Livius forgives them since it was a domestic situation rather than political and therefore there will be no retaliation. Kara attends Nike and Livius’ engagement party, during which Kara shows a projection of Nike’s most embarrassing moments.

When Nike is poisoned after saving Livius from an assassination attempt, Kara arrives at the Sun Kingdom to help treat her. Kara is forced to use a potion to put Nike in a month long coma, giving Livius time to locate a witch named Cassandra who specializes in pharmacy to heal Nike. After Nike recovers, Kara remains at court to recreate a black loctus stone for Nike and researches the reason for why Nike lost her summoning ability.

During her time at court, she spends time with Bard. He flirts with her but she rejects him and is unfazed by his flattery. This makes him more interested, as she is the only woman besides Nike and Livius’ mother who has turned him down. She gives information to Bard about the danger Nike puts herself in as her powers not only make her a target but can not be easily controlled and will lead to destruction should it fall into the wrong hands or be left uncontrolled.

Kara forces Sidon to link with her in a deep sleep in order to give Nike and Livius time to find out more of her. Bard finally confesses his feelings and asks her to be his fiancée, which she finally reciprocates. Six years later, she and Bard are happily married with two children.


  • She has the smallest chest in the four sisters (as of the manga).
  • in the final chapter it has been shown that Kara is married to Bardwin.
  • she has two children from Bard