Neil ( ニ ー ル ) is the private butler of King Livius I and serves as something of a tutor for Princess Nike. He often accompanies Livius during his travels and is a personal confident to him. He started serving Livius nearing the end of the Great War.

Appearance Edit

Neil has short, grey hair and puce-coloured eyes. He is never seen without his proper butler's uniform and glasses.

Personality Edit

Neil is loyal, observant, thoughtful and reliable enough that Livius allows him close access at all times and to accompany him wherever he goes.

Neil is shown to also be a rather strict induvial when it comes to tradition.

Trivia Edit

  • Neil has scars on his back from beatings
  • He has a strong interest in urban legends and cryptids
  • His past remains a mystery
  • Like Livius, Neil is a workaholic
  • Neil is apparently a very passionate singer who skill is pretty good

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