No, that's not it. What I you.

—Volume 015 , Chapter 083

Nephero Styx Lethe is the monarch of the Grand Sky Duchy a vassal state of the Sun Kingdom. He is also known as the "Crimson-Haired Grand Duke."

Appearance Edit

Nephero's most striking feature is his dark crimson hair which has earned a place in his epithet. He wears a single tube-style weave earring.

Personality Edit

From his current appearances, Nephero seems to have a self-indulgent, childish character, showing when he becomes excited at being chased by Livius for kidnapping Nike.

He also seems to find attached and taken women more alluring than single women. He is noted to be "creepy," by more than one of his subordinates.

Nephero can also be observant, ambitious and unafraid at taking risks to achieve his goals.

History Edit

The Sky kingdom presides over the Elmarela lake which feeds the two great rivers that supply the whole Continent's main water source. During Leonidas III reign he desired control over the Elmarela and accused Nephero's grandfather of treason. This resulted in his death as well as a culling of Lethe family.

Nephero who was just a boy at the time rode all the way to the Sun capital and confronted the King, threatening to destroy the Elmarela but Leonidas merely found it amusing.

Later in his life an intense winter plagued the Sky Duchy causing food shortages and a large proportion of the population died. It was during this time Nephero father died and his older brother Catra fell ill leading him to ascend to the throne. At this point the Sky Duchy was a vassal state of the Sun Kingdom and aid was requested but denied, this further fuelled Nephero's hatred.

Under his leadership the Kingdom was restored. A lucrative salt production was created where it was sold in the black market for 5x the usual price. Some of the proceeds were used to fund the Rebel fraction which Nephero supports.

Seeking further vengeance against the Sun Kingdom Nephero kidnaps Nike to be used as a weapon against Livius.

Relationships Edit


"Become a decoration that exists only for me"
Nephero has a complicated relationship with Nike. He sees her as an object - "weapon", and kidnaps her. He threatens to kill/beat Galta, Nike's body guard if she does not co-operate. He forcibly kisses her in order to transfer a medicine which suppresses her wind magic. He has expressed an interest in taming her and using her for entertainment.

Nike in return resoundingly resents Nephero; however she does not resent the people of the Sky Duchy who have endured hardship. She helps them even at the cost of her own wellbeing, it is this aspect as well as her own resilience against his advances that causes him to want to claim her as his own wife.