Sheila (シーラ, Shīra) is Livius's mother. She passed away three years prior to the beginning of the story. Despite her deceased status, she is often seen in flashbacks.

History Edit

Born as a girl of a nomadic tribe in the grasslands, she was later taken as a concubine by Leonidas III by force and lived in the isolated Silver Tower with her young son, Livius.

Her appointment as royal concubine was heavily opposed by the Sun Priests; however while they have sway over the selection of Queen, the Royal Concubines are chosen completely at the King's discretion.

Her life was often targeted by the opposing agents, as a result Livius worked towards protecting her.

She was assassinated three years prior. Her death was the motivating factor for Livius to conquer the world.

Relationships Edit


Sheila had a very close relationship with her son as they were both isolated in the Silver tower. She often told stories to him including that of the Rain kingdom. Other than Nike there was no other person who Livius loved more. Livius wanted to grow up strong and able so he could protect his mother and someday free her from the tower

She was concerned over her son's wellbeing, expressing doubt over Leonidas appointment of Livius being his heir. Livius life was increasingly targeted for assassination, in one flashback he was bedridden for several days having been poisoned.

Leonidas III

King Leonidas was very obessive over Sheila. It is implied he kept her in the Silver tower in order to her all to himself.