Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Wiki

Oh clouds, come upon us.

Oh rain, descend upon us.  

Chase away the flames  

and convey unto our thirsty King  

that the world is still beautiful.  

— Song of the Sun King


The Sun Kingdom ( 太陽・キングダム , Taiyō Kingudamu ) is in actuality the imperium kingdom of five nations and multiple autonomous countries that gather under the larger banner of the world empire founded by Livius I three years before the start of the series.

The capitol of the Sun Kingdom is Ginitarix.


The kingdom has always been regarded as a powerful kingdom but was plagued with war for years during the reigns of Leonidas ll and Leonidas lll. It was a monotheistic kingdom under the worship of the Sun God (led by the Ministry of Priesthood) and held a senate consisting of three members to serve as an advisory council to the king. The priests held significant influence over the royal family, such as having the privilege to approve a marriage of a member of the royal family, though foreigners were often forbidden and even assassinated to prevent them from marrying a royal family member on the grounds of exaggerated superstitions.

When Leonidas lll came to the throne, he was very unpopular with the people for initiating wars with neighboring countries and neglecting to stabilize the country’s interests. He also sparked controversy when he began making preparations for his illegitimate son, Livius, to succeed him rather than his legitimate sons. When the Ice Kingdom attacked the kingdom and sieged a city, he led several counterattacks but lost many of the battles.

When Leonidas passed away, his eldest son Romulus succeeded him but proved to be a weak king who left all matters to his advisors and spent lavishly on his wife despite the economy nearly being destitute by his father’s wars. After murdering his own older half-brother, Livius came to the throne. He sought to rebuild the country and conquer the world by allying with autonomous countries, turning other sovereignty countries into vassal states, crushing other monarchies, and forcing them to acknowledge the Sun Kingdom as supreme authority. He also revoked the many privileges of the priests and the senate. While this made Livius popular to the people, it earned him the hatred of the foreign royals, nobles, and priests. This this made the Sun Kingdom a target for attacks of foreign enemies, including the Rebel/Klauss Faction.

Notable members[]

  • Leonidas II ( former king of the Sun Kingdom, father of Leonidas III , Rani Spiral , Bardwin's sister and Bardwin )
  • Bardwin's sister ( Leonidas III's half sister and Bardwin's older sister )
  • Bardwin Cecil Ifrikia ( Leonidas III's half brother and Livius's uncle )
  • Rani Spiral ( Leonidas II's son and Leonidas III 's younger brother , thus making him Livius's uncle )
  • Leonidas III ( the former king of Sun Kingdom and Livius's biological father )
  • Sheila ( Leonidas III's concubine and Livius's mother )
  • Altaria ( Livius's mysterious half brother )
  • Livius I ( Current king of the Sun Kingdom and Nike's husband )
  • Nike Lemercier ( Fourth princess of Rain Dukedom, Livius's wife, and Queen of the Sun Kingdom)
  • Neil ( Livius's royal butler and serves as something of a tutor for Princess Nike )
  • General Bayreuth ( General of the Sun Kingdom and Galta Bayreuth's father )
  • Galta Bayreuth ( son of General Bayreuth and a unknown woman , later become Nike's knight and bodyguard )
  • Violetta Rootwick ( a former graduate of the Royal Academy and a schoolmate of both Neil and Bardwin )