Ursula Rayluychaney ( ウ ル ス ラ ) was Livius ex-fiance and the princess of the Ice Kingdom. She hates Livius because he destroyed her Kingdom and killed her family. Later on, she unsuccessfully attempts to kill Livius with a dragger during a celebration. However, Nike shields Livius and receives the stab instead. Although, Nike survives the stab, one of her "limiter" breaks making her unable to control her powers and the poison on the dagger will kill her eventually. To save Nike, Livius goes on a journey to find the powerful witch Cassandra who may know how to cure Nike.

Appearance Edit

She has pale, white skin, platinum blonde hair and gold eyes.[1] Princess Nike commented that she was beautiful.


Reference Edit

  1. Soredemo-Sekai-wa-Utsukushii Volume 8 Chapter 42 & 43