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Ursula Rayluychaney ( ウルスラ・レイリチャニー , Urusura Reirichanī) was Livius I's ex-fiance and the princess of the Ice Kingdom. While her formal name is Ursula Rayluychaney , she is call Slan ( スラン , Suran ) during her disguise to go into the Sun Kingdom .


She has pale, white skin, platinum blonde hair and gold eyes.[1] Princess Nike commented that she was beautiful.


Ursula is the eldest princess of the Ice Kingdom. She lived happily with her family and dog Aura, and became close with Nero after finding him sleeping on the royal family land. When Aura wondered off, Ursula and Nero went searching for her and Ursula saw the beauty of her country for the first time.

Five years later, her father began making arrangements to find a husband for her and she was betrothed to a prince from a neighboring country. At the time, war between the Sun and Ice Kingdoms was still ongoing, and the Ice Kingdom seemed to have gained the upper hand. One day, the Sun Kingdom army invaded, destroyed the country and killed the royal family with the exception of Ursula. Livius spared her in order to force her to be his fiancée, confined her to a castle, never bothered to visit her, and went as far as to try to force Bard to rape her so she could bear an heir to the Sun Kingdom (as Livius was too young father children then). However, Nero helped her escape. She was offered shelter by a family with ties to the Rebel/Klauss Faction but when the head patriarch tried to force her to be his mistress, she fled and met Ain. Though him, she became acquainted with Altaria (Livius’ older half-brother). She later joined the faction to oppose the Sun Kingdom’s grip but her true reason was to kill Livius in revenge.

Three years would pass when she enters the Sun Kingdom to assassinate Livius during his birthday party. She meets Nike and the two becomes friends though Ursula is initially unaware that Nike is Livius’s betrothed. The two meet in secret and Nike teaches her how to sing, but when she learns Nike is from the Rain Dukedom, Ursula deduces Nike is Livius’ fiancée. Despite their friendship, and resolves she will continue with her plot to kill Livius, even if it means she will have to harm or kill Nike in the process. As a warning of presence, she gives a medical cup belonging to her family to Nike as a ‘birthday oresent’ to Livius. During the party, upon finding it, Livius loses his composure and becomes emotionally unstable as he recalls the horrific events with Ursula. After Nero fails to kill Livius, she unsuccessfully attempts to kill Livius with a dagger during the party. However, Nike shields Livius and receives the stab instead. However, Nike survives the stab and Livius throws her in the dungeon and intends to execute her and her followers the next morning. When asked by Nike about why she pretended to not know who she was, Ursula simply asks Nike, as the future Sun Queen, to hate her. Although Ursula doesn’t care about facing execution, she and Naro are rescued by supporters, who then release poison air throughout the palace and kingdom.

At Altaria’s urging, Ursula and the faction travel to the Ice Kingdom to activate the catastrophe code, as she hopes to use it to destroy the Sun Kingdom and kill Livius. She attempts to kidnap Nike as Nike’s powers are needed to activate the code but Nike refuses. Ursula forces Nike to drink medicine to temporarily seal her powers. Nike, Livius, and Galta escape while Neil offers himself as a hostage for them to escape. Ursula attempts to use Neil as a means to lure Nike into facing her at the ice towers so she can activate the code with Nike’s powers. But as Nike fails to appear and with no way of activating the code, Ursula loses her composure and orders her supporters to kill Neil. Instead, Livius appears to confront her and Altaria. Because Livius has a lock of Nike’s hair, the code activates and all the countries are attacked by catastrophic weather. Ursula is horrified and realizes Altaria deceived her into dirtying her hands so she could help him destroy the world. She feels guilty, as she never wanted other countries to be targeted but acknowledges that she is no longer a victim and is just as guilty as Livius for taking her rage and grief out on others. Livius, feeling guilt for his actions towards her and her country, goes to save her. She refuses to leave Nero when he is injured and doesn’t want Livius’ help, but as she can’t escape with Nero alone, she lets Livius help her. She even puts her hatred for him aside to help him when he nearly drowns. Upon reaching safety, Livius allows Ursula to brutally beat him with a sword shield in retribution for his crimes against her and her country. After this, she says she hopes he can find happiness in marrying Nike and having children, showing she has at least let go her hatred but has yet to forgive him.

Livius further makes amends with Ursula by holding a meeting with the country noblemen and, rather than executing her for her crimes, he appoints Ursula as the kingdom’s governor-general with Lord Vera being her advisor. Ursula accepts as she realizes she and Livius share a common goal in unifying the world in peace, and Livius vows to help support her unconditionally. To track Altaria down in the Twilight Kingdom, Ursula provides Nike and Livius with thick clothes and means to get there, and they all part ways on civil terms.

After Nike becomes the new protector, Livius tries to figure out a way to bring her back and when this reaches the other rulers of the nations, all but Ursula meet with Livius. Ursula finally appears, albeit reluctantly. She makes it known she can never forgive Livius but for Nike’s sake, she will help him.

Six years later, she is shown living happily with Nero by her side.



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